Communication and trust forms the underlying foundation of a successful partnership which is ultimately measured by its impact on the ground. To ensure that the partnership progresses smoothly towards its goals, the Ali Institute of Education has always collaboratively partnered with some of the notable organizations including UNESCO, USAID, UNHCR, UNICEF, MOAWIN Foundation, and have proven to be effective to scale its impact faster and more efficiently. AIE’s partnership has focussed entirely on education in schools. It has a unique role in improving the standards for improving education and learning, and also mobilizing resources to support and monitor implementation of those standards.

Donor Funded Projects


The Ali Institute of Education (AIE) has a history of successfully implementing projects funded by both local and international donors since its inception. These Donor Funded Projects are aimed at enhancing the quality of education in low-income primary and secondary schools through interventions supported by donors. AIE has expanded its expertise to encompass comprehensive school development initiatives focused on enhancing education standards, improving the school environment, and enhancing the capacity of school staff. We are deeply committed to engaging children through a holistic approach.

With our extensive experience collaborating with international donor organizations such as USAID, UNESCO, and UNICEF, as well as local entities like the Babar Ali Foundation, Interloop Ltd., Gurmani Foundation, and Al-Moiz Industries, we have established ourselves as a dependable and credible partner.

AIE remains steadfast in its dedication to elevating the quality of primary-level education in Pakistan by professionalizing the teaching profession. We specifically aim to address the educational needs of teachers and advocate for education among underprivileged and marginalized communities.



Non-Formal Schools




(3-16 years)
AIE is dedicated to tackling the substantial educational obstacles encountered by schools by enhancing teaching and learning practices to enhance learning outcomes and bolster their educational systems. To translate AIE’s vision into tangible goals, interventions in educational institutions are meticulously monitored through a results-oriented framework to track progress over time.

In recent times, AIE, in partnership with funding collaborators, has undertaken the challenge of enhancing the learning experience for primary and secondary school students (Grade 1 – Grade 10). AIE has collaborated with the following donors in pursuit of this significant endeavor.