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  • Assessment Criteria
  • Course Structure
  • Teaching Practice
  • Award of degree
Structured to empower future educators, the Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (PGD ELT) is meticulously tailored to foster the essential pedagogical expertise and competencies necessary for instructing the English language within both public and private school domains. This Postgraduate Diploma in teaching English program is meticulously designed to develop a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies specific to English, enabling prospective teachers to cultivate a profound comprehension of their pivotal contribution to the educational landscape. Through our Post graduate Diploma in teaching English , teachers will not only gain theoretical insights but also acquire practical skills, thus fortifying their capacity to fulfill their educational roles with prowess.
BA/B.Sc. (equivalent to 14 years of education) with at least 50% marks or CGPA 2.0 out of 4.0.
Apart from mid-term and end-term examinations, students are continuously assessed throughout the semesters, which includes quizzes, presentations, project work, class tests, assignments and term papers.
Course Structure Overview (PGD-ELT)
Semester 1
1- Beyond the Curriculum (School-Based Management Activities)
2- Value and Peace Education:Values, Ethics and Morals
3- Classroom Management
4- Assessment in Education
5- Introducing 21st Century Skills
6- Pedagogy
7- Educational Psychology
8- Project-Based Learning
9- Teaching Practice Preparation
Semester 2
1- English for Academic Purpose
2- Teaching Listening & Speaking Skills
3- Teaching Reading & Writing Skills
4- Developing & Managing Resources in ELT
5- Phonetics & Phonology
6- Computer Literacy
7- Language Teaching Methods & Approaches
8- Using Children’s Literature for Teaching English
9- Developing ELT Portfolios
10- Teaching Practice
Students are required to complete Teaching Practice during the degree programme. This Teaching Practice is based on 4 credit hours which is a compulsory part of the entire programme. One of the necessary components of the Teaching Practice is to complete a portfolio and sit through a viva.
To become eligible for the award of degree, students are required to complete the entire course along with Teaching Practice.

1 Year Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching

Customized Teachers Workshops

The Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (PGD ELT), which is designed to enable future educators, is carefully organized to provide people with the pedagogical knowledge and skills they need to teach English in a variety of educational environments, including public and private schools. This extensive curriculum is carefully crafted to dive thoroughly into English-specific teaching approaches, allowing aspiring educators to get a solid awareness of their important role in influencing the educational environment.

ELT Diploma Practical Training

Educators are equipped with a diverse range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills throughout the Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT) program, making them capable and confident in their ability to handle the challenges of the teaching profession. Participant knowledge and experience are greatly enhanced by immersion in this demanding curriculum, which also helps participants become more effective teachers of English.

Postgraduate Diploma in ELT

A broad range of subjects necessary for efficient instruction are covered in the Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT) program, including theories of language acquisition, curriculum design, methods of assessment, and classroom management. Teachers get a comprehensive grasp of the ideas and methods that support effective English language education via interesting coursework and practical teaching experiences. Also, in order to improve students’ learning experiences, this diploma program places a strong emphasis on the use of cutting-edge teaching strategies and technological integration.

ELT Diploma Pedagogy

Participants develop dynamic and engaging courses that accommodate a range of learning styles and preferences by investigating different pedagogical techniques and utilizing state-of-the-art materials. The Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching’s (ELT) emphasis on encouraging reflective practice among teachers is one of its unique selling points.

ELM Program for Effective Teaching

Teachers are encouraged to critically assess their pedagogical approaches and always seek to improve their practices through peer cooperation and guided reflection. This methodical approach improves instruction quality and supports continuous professional growth. If you’re interested in advancing your skills in English Language Teaching, consider exploring the Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Methodology (ELM), which offers specialized training in effective teaching methods and language acquisition strategies.

Educational Leadership Management Courses In Pakistan

Impact of PGD in English Language Education:

After completing the program, graduates of the PGD in English Language Teaching (ELT) become competent and self-assured teachers with the pedagogical insights, knowledge, and abilities needed to succeed in their positions. They are ready to make a significant difference in the lives of their students and advance the profession of English language education, whether they are instructing in conventional classrooms or using online resources for distance learning. All things considered, the Post Graduate Diploma in ELT provides future teachers with a thorough and rewarding education, giving them the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the ever changing and dynamic area of English language teaching.