1 Year Post Graduate Diploma in ELM

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The Post Graduate Diploma in ELM (PGD-ELM) is designed for those candidates who are willing to or are already associated with the administrative wing of educational institutions. There has been a constant requirement in the demand for visionary teachers / administrators with a thorough understanding of learning , therefore AIE has designed a specific which is accurately covered by this course and proves to be a great support.
BA/B.Sc. (equivalent to 14 years of education) with at least 50% marks or CGPA 2.0 out of 4.0.
Apart from mid-term and end-term examinations, students are continuously assessed throughout the semesters, which includes quizzes, presentations, project work, class tests, assignments and term papers.
Course Structure Overview (PGD-ELM)
Semester 1
1- Foundations: Educational Leadership and Administration
2- Developing Student Leadership
3- CPD and Distributed Leadership
4- Ensuring Quality Education for Students with Diverse Needs
5- Leadership for Learning
6- Setting School Goals with Mission and Vision
Semester 2
2- Leading Management and Change
3- Developing a School Team
4- Quality Assurance in Education
5- Whole School Development
6- Internship
Students are required to complete an Internship during the programme. This Internship is based on 5 credit hours which is a compulsory part of the entire programme. One of the necessary components of the Internship is to complete a portfolio and sit through a viva.