Lesson Planning for Effective Curriculum Delivery

Duration: 5 Days

This workshop will help teachers understand the importance of good lesson planning as an essential part of teaching and learning. The development of interesting lessons takes a great deal of time and effort. Teachers will learn the essential components of lesson planning. Teachers will construct lesson plans after developing their understanding on Bloom’s Taxonomy so that they can enter the classroom with more confidence and maximize a meaningful learning experience with their students.

21st Century Classroom

Duration: 4 Days

This workshop will help teachers to equip with the requisite knowledge, skills and competence to support the development of innovative learning, key competencies of 21st Century Learning. It will help teachers to equip with new learning strategies, develop strategies and techniques for Activity Based Teaching. The teachers will not only understand the core competencies but will learn to apply these as tools to teach their curriculum.

Classroom Management

Duration: 1 Day

This workshop will provide teachers with an overview of the keys to positive and proactive classroom management, using real-life examples and practical steps for implementation.
Teachers will learn principles of effective classroom management, identify teaching classroom expectations and rules, reinforcing expectations, and develop ways to decrease unwanted student behavior. Teachers will learn to create a classroom environment that supports student achievement and fosters positive behaviors.