Leadership and Management

Duration: 3 Months Teaching with Self Paced Research Project

The Diploma in Education Advanced (Educational Leadership) is for people who are currently in leadership roles in educational settings. The course aims to hone research and development skills while ensuring participants are provided opportunities to share their experiences and learn in a vibrant setting. During the course, participants will explore relevant literature to build an advanced theoretical understanding of educational leadership and management and will be encouraged to apply this to their own practice as educators. Enhancing skills in areas such as mentoring new educators, managing curricula and assessment, supporting staff development, and leading organizational change is an exciting part of the course.

Montessori Education

Duration: 6 Months

Ali Institute of Education believes that the world of the child is unique and different from the world of the adult. The Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Education is designed to help prospective teachers learn diverse Montessori teaching strategies, methods and ideologies by developing the required pedagogical knowledge and skills to teach different subjects at the Early Years school level. It will also provide an insight into the workings of the child’s world and the skills to teach children and assess children aged 3-8