1 Year Post Graduate Diploma in Education

  • About Programme
  • Pre-requisites
  • Assessment Criteria
  • Course Structure
  • Teaching Practice
  • Award of degree
The Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is designed to help prospective teachers develop the required pedagogical knowledge and skills to teach different subjects at school level in the public and private sectors. The programme develops practical knowledge of teaching so that prospective teachers develop a strong understanding of their role in education.
BA/B.Sc. (equivalent to 14 years of education) with at least 50% marks or CGPA 2.0 out of 4.0.
Apart from mid-term and end-term examinations, students are continuously assessed throughout the semesters, which includes quizzes, presentations, project work, class tests, assignments, and term papers.
Course Structure Overview (PGDE)
Semester 1
1- Beyond the Curriculum (School-Based Management Activities)
2- Value and Peace Education:Values, Ethics and Morals
3- Classroom Management
4- Assessment in Education
5- Introducing 21st Century Skills
6- Pedagogy
7- Educational Psychology
8- Project-Based Learning
9- Art In Education
Semester 2
1- General Mathematics
2- General Science
3- General English
4- Teaching of English at Elementary Level and Resource Development
5- Teaching of Mathematics at Elementary Level and Resource Development
6- Teaching of Science at Elementary Level and Resource Development
7- English Literacy (Developing Interactive Techniques)
8- Computer Literacy
9- Teaching Practice Preparation
10- Teaching Practice
Students are required to complete Teaching Practice during the degree programme. This Teaching Practice is based on 4 credit hours which is a compulsory part of the entire programme. One of the necessary components of the Teaching Practice is to complete a portfolio and sit through a viva.
To become eligible for the award of degree, students are required to complete the entire course along with Teaching Practice.