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  • Award of degree
Designed to empower aspiring educators, the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is a carefully structured diploma to provide the essential pedagogical skills necessary for instructing diverse subjects within both public and private school settings. This program is meticulously designed to instill a practical understanding of teaching methodologies, thereby equipping prospective teachers with a robust comprehension of their pivotal role within the realm of education. By immersing participants in real-life scenarios and dynamic classroom environments, the PGDE not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also strengthens the adeptness to teach effectively and leave a meaningful impact on the prospective teachers ' learning journeys.
BA/B.Sc. (equivalent to 14 years of education) with at least 50% marks or CGPA 2.0 out of 4.0.
Apart from mid-term and end-term examinations, students are continuously assessed throughout the semesters, which includes quizzes, presentations, project work, class tests, assignments, and term papers.
Course Structure Overview (PGDE)
Semester 1
1- Beyond the Curriculum (School-Based Management Activities)
2- Value and Peace Education:Values, Ethics and Morals
3- Classroom Management
4- Assessment in Education
5- Introducing 21st Century Skills
6- Pedagogy
7- Educational Psychology
8- Project-Based Learning
9- Art In Education
Semester 2
1- General Mathematics
2- General Science
3- General English
4- Teaching of English at Elementary Level and Resource Development
5- Teaching of Mathematics at Elementary Level and Resource Development
6- Teaching of Science at Elementary Level and Resource Development
7- English Literacy (Developing Interactive Techniques)
8- Computer Literacy
9- Teaching Practice Preparation
10- Teaching Practice
Students are required to complete Teaching Practice during the degree programme. This Teaching Practice is based on 4 credit hours which is a compulsory part of the entire programme. One of the necessary components of the Teaching Practice is to complete a portfolio and sit through a viva.
To become eligible for the award of degree, students are required to complete the entire course along with Teaching Practice.

1 Year Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

The Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is a well-designed curriculum that equips future teachers with the pedagogical abilities they need to guide students in a variety of post graduate diploma educational courses in public and private schools. This all-encompassing course of study is intended to foster a deep comprehension of instructional strategies, providing aspiring teachers with the skills necessary to succeed in their critical position in the education sector.  

Practical Approach in PGDE

The PGDE immerses learners in real-world classroom settings and dynamic teaching contexts; it is not only a theoretical undertaking. By using a practical approach, the curriculum strengthens the practical abilities needed to teach successfully and leave a lasting impression on students’ educational journeys, in addition to imparting academic information. The need for educated instructors is always increasing in today’s educational environment.

Accessible PGDE Program By AIE

This demand is met by the Post Graduate Diploma in Education, which gives participants the skills they need to succeed as teachers in Pakistan and beyond. This curriculum offers a strong basis for starting a rewarding professional path, regardless of the desire to pursue conventional teaching positions or investigate cutting-edge educational opportunities. Furthermore, the PGDE gives people access to traditional classroom-based programs that they may not otherwise have because of the flexibility of online post graduate diploma learning.

PGDE Online Learning

Future teachers may connect with instructors, work together with classmates, and engage with course materials all from the comfort of their own homes by using post graduate diploma educational online platforms. This accessibility makes it possible for driven people from a variety of backgrounds to pursue their goals of becoming PGCE certified instructors in Pakistan without being limited by geography. If you’re interested in specialized education, consider exploring the Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Education, which offers a unique approach to teaching and learning.

PGDE Accelerated Program

The PGDE is a one-year intensive curriculum that streamlines the certification procedure for people who want to become educators quickly. This program enables students to quickly get the credentials they need to enter the sector. This accelerated pathway is ideal for those who are eager to kickstart their careers or for professionals seeking to transition into the education sector. For individuals who are enthusiastic about improving the lives of kids, the Post Graduate Diploma in Education essentially acts as a light of opportunity. Graduates of the PGDE or PGCE in Pakistan are positioned to educate and inspire the following generation of learners, influencing education in Pakistan and beyond, whether via conventional classroom instruction or creative educational initiatives.

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