Ali Institute of Education (AIE) is a premier center for learning, renowned and recognized all over the country as one of the very best teachers’ training institutes in Pakistan. Our philosophy is to empower our teachers to help bring about formative change in their students, to be matchless as instructors and mentors and to support teachers to instill in students the fundamentals of progressive educational learning and good citizenry. Not only do we introduce innovative practices for specialized teachers in the classroom, we also aim to increase awareness and support for enhanced learning, done in an out-of-the-box way but in league with teaching practices all over the world. We believe in never straying behind the pulse of educational training and experimentation in this day and age of global citizenry and universal education for all.

AIE has successfully conducted mega-scale different education conferences in Lahore on different themes, providing a platform for teachers from both public and private sector, administrators and educators to share ideas, experiences and best practices. All our teacher conferences have been divided into a series of workshops and a panel discussion providing an excellent opportunity to network and share thoughts with other teachers and trainers. Since 2015, AIE has successfully hosted seven teacher education conferences in Lahore , each centered around contemporary topics pertinent to the evolving educational landscape.

S#Conference NameDateWorkshopsParticipants
1Teachers as Leaders7th December 20199 Workshops320
221st Century Skills1st December 201810 Workshops400
3Teachers as Agents of Change29th April 201714 Workshops392
4Holistic ECE Teaching Practices29th October 201614 Workshops392
5Empowering TeachersOctober 1st, 2016.(Outreach Conference -Multan)18 workshops175
6Empowering Teachers-Empowering Students23rd April 201621 Workshops500
7Emerging Trends in Early Childhood Education7th November 201521 Workshops380
8Moving forward in English Language Teaching18th April, 201528 Workshops433