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  • Assessment Criteria
  • Course Structure
  • Teaching Practice
  • Award of degree
Designed to empower aspiring educators, the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is a carefully structured diploma to provide the essential pedagogical skills necessary for instructing diverse subjects within both public and private school settings. This program is meticulously designed to instill a practical understanding of teaching methodologies, thereby equipping prospective teachers with a robust comprehension of their pivotal role within the realm of education. By immersing participants in real-life scenarios and dynamic classroom environments, the PGDE not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also strengthens the adeptness to teach effectively and leave a meaningful impact on the prospective teachers ' learning journeys.
BA/B.Sc. (equivalent to 14 years of education) with at least 50% marks or CGPA 2.0 out of 4.0.
Apart from mid-term and end-term examinations, students are continuously assessed throughout the semesters, which includes quizzes, presentations, project work, class tests, assignments, and term papers.
Course Structure Overview (PGDE)
Semester 1
1- Beyond the Curriculum (School-Based Management Activities)
2- Value and Peace Education:Values, Ethics and Morals
3- Classroom Management
4- Assessment in Education
5- Introducing 21st Century Skills
6- Pedagogy
7- Educational Psychology
8- Project-Based Learning
9- Art In Education
Semester 2
1- General Mathematics
2- General Science
3- General English
4- Teaching of English at Elementary Level and Resource Development
5- Teaching of Mathematics at Elementary Level and Resource Development
6- Teaching of Science at Elementary Level and Resource Development
7- English Literacy (Developing Interactive Techniques)
8- Computer Literacy
9- Teaching Practice Preparation
10- Teaching Practice
Students are required to complete Teaching Practice during the degree programme. This Teaching Practice is based on 4 credit hours which is a compulsory part of the entire programme. One of the necessary components of the Teaching Practice is to complete a portfolio and sit through a viva.
To become eligible for the award of degree, students are required to complete the entire course along with Teaching Practice.

Soft Skills Training

Comprehensive Soft Skills Curriculum

At the Ali Institute of Education, we understand the role and importance of soft skills training in making life successful, both personally and professionally in Pakistan. The course has been designed with the utmost meticulousness, and due care is taken to ensure that all the requisite important soft skills needed for such a rapidly changing world are covered. The course design is such that it will bring in the competencies of the curatorial sector, including the competencies of leading, emotional intelligence, communication, and competence in working together, among others. This ensures the participants will be well-rounded individuals.

Expert Facilitation for Skill Enhancement

That is why we always say that our soft skills training online programs are taken by very experienced professionals who have seen it all and therefore bring so much to the table. We are going to engage the learners in improving their soft skills through interactive sessions, workshops, and exercises. The objective of our training sessions, therefore, is to empower learners enough to be in a position to put into practice effectively the newly acquired skills in their various personal and professional situations through a real-world focus.

Accessible PGDE Program By AIE

This demand is met by the Post Graduate Diploma in Education, which gives participants the skills they need to succeed as teachers in Pakistan and beyond. This curriculum offers a strong basis for starting a rewarding professional path, regardless of the desire to pursue conventional teaching positions or investigate cutting-edge educational opportunities. Furthermore, the PGDE gives people access to traditional classroom-based programs that they may not otherwise have because of the flexibility of online post graduate diploma learning.

Tailored Training Solutions for Diverse Needs

Acknowledging the fact that each person comes with specific learning needs and preferences, we can offer training solutions that are tailored in nature and are designed to benefit diverse audiences. Whether you are a student who wants to gain better employability skills or a professional who would like to improve their leadership expertise, we have specially tailored training programs that will help you reach your goals. All our training approaches are designed and tuned in with your set goals, ensuring that the learning experience gained is a personal and true life engagement of your fullest potential to be utilized toward growth and development.

Innovative Delivery Methods

What we do is provide a mix of the traditional classroom learning environment with the most avant-garde online platforms, thus aligning with the changing needs of our learners. Our interactive online soft skill training courses are flexible and offer learning at an individual’s pace and convenience. By easily integrating technology into our platform, we offer an easy, access-anytime environment for experiencing cutting-edge, location-free, top-quality customized soft skills training in Pakistan for everybody.

Measurable Impact and Continuous Support

We strongly believe in measuring the impact of our training while providing continued support to the participants. We track the development both before and post assessments giving feedback to the individual, and follow up with them to track the development journey and continue availing support. “Our deep commitment to excellence ensures the delivery of customized soft skills training online programs in which all participants leave with the requisite soft skills for success both personally and professionally. Join the Ali Institute of Education and get ready to polish those soft skills with our online customized soft skills training that will enable you to exploit your potential to be able to stand out as a successful individual in the present highly competitive world.