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The Ali Institute of Education (AIE) was established in 1992 by a distinguished family trust, with the primary objective of providing effective teachers to the schools of Pakistan. The UNDP and SIDA (Sweden) also supported this endeavor initially, to improve the quality of education in our country. At the Ali Institute of Education, we believe that teachers are agents of change and they can bring about a meaningful transformation to the education scenario of Pakistan. To develop teachers into their purported role, the AIE offers pre-service and in-service programs.

Since 1992, the Ali Institute has grown in prestige and has developed a wider focus on improving the quality of education in Pakistan. At the Ali Institute, we believe that teachers are agents of change, able to transform education in Pakistan.

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The Ali Institute of Education provides an extensive array of need based education training  programs as well as teacher training courses online in Pakistan especially  designed to enhance the knowledge and careers of both experienced and aspiring teachers.

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AIE specializes in delivering  tailor-made teacher training  workshops that cater to your school’s requirements. Whether you seek to improve teaching methodologies,lesson planning for effective curriculum delivery ,  enhance classroom management skills, or integrate innovative technologies into your curriculum, we have the expertise to deliver.


Custom Trainings

The Ali Institute of Education offers specifically designed need based training and teacher training workshops in Pakistan.Our trainings are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of individual schools and  to align with the specific objectives of each school.

An Extraordinary Experience

As Chairman of its Management Committee, I pledge my continuing support to the educational programme of the AIE andwish its organisation the best of luck in its endeavors to perpetually improve the standard of education being imparted.

Syed Babar Ali

Chairman Board of Governors

The primary objective of both these institutes has been the dissemination of knowledge at a level where it matters the most for the uplift of our country. While setting up the AIE, I was informed by many educationists that the maximum damage to the learning process of our students takes place in primary education. It was, therefore, decided that we must address ourselves to the primary education of our country if we really want to bring about any positive changes in the current educational impasse. Hence, the declared mission of the Ali Institute of Education that specifies “a commitment to improving the quality of primary-school level education in Pakistan through raising the status of teaching to a profession.

Real People. Real Impact

Explore the reviews and testimonials below to get a glimpse of the satisfaction and trust we’ve earned from our customers.

Ayesha Anwer

The Ali Institute of Education has had a significant impact on people’s lives in various ways. Ms. Ayesha was able to secure admission to McGill University because she completed her Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) at the Ali Institute of Education. Here is what she has to say about her experience.

Arooj Bukhari

The Ali Institute of Education changes lives by empowering students like Ms. Arooj Bukhari, an ELM graduate from AIE. Her transition from teacher to coordinator exemplifies the institute’s profound influence on careers and communities.

Noori Kiran

Once a successful doctor, her journey took a new turn towards becoming a successful trainer, all thanks to the transformative education she received at the Ali Institute.

Sana Asraf

Ms. Sana expressed how the English language improvement course, using interactive games, positively transformed her skills and confidence, making learning enjoyable and engaging.

Summaya Faiz

Summiya Fayyaz, after completing her PGD in education, secured a job in the government sector. She shared her positive experience about how her education at the Ali Institute opened doors to new opportunities in her career.

Nabaegha Najam

Nabaegha Najam, a faculty member and a former student of Ali Institute, shared her experience, highlighting how the PGD program significantly boosted her career, equipping her with essential skills and knowledge for professional success.

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The Ali Institute of Education is a distinctive institution that provides a wide range of highly engaging and informative teacher training programs, courses and need based education training  tailored to meet the needs of academicians from various schools across Punjab.

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AIE Summer School

In the collaborative initiative titled “Provision of Teacher’s Training in Kot Chandna, Mianwali,” AIE partnered with UNHCR – Pakistan to conduct comprehensive training sessions for teachers from refugee village schools…

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Lahore Garrison Education

Recently, Ali Institute of Education (AIE) successfully conducted a comprehensive 40-hour training program aimed at empowering early childhood educators with a profound understanding of crucial topics in early childhood education…

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LESCO Teacher Training

A 7 day training specifically designed for the 100 teachers of LESCO school was delivered by Ali Institute of Education. Throughout the training, the trainers trained the teachers on various effective teaching methodologies…

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