Course Description

All those working in education should have a sound knowledge base in curriculum. Whether used in the development of a new curriculum, a syllabus, a specific topic of study, or an interdisciplinary theme for a project, an understanding of curriculum and curriculum development leads to more effective courses of study and produces a more coherent experience of learning overall, as educators use curriculum to make important decisions about the content of their courses, the selection of teaching materials, and the modifications of teaching strategies for the purposes of assessment.

This course is intended to provide participants with the essential understandings of curriculum to serve as a scaffold for the design of meaningful teaching and learning. 

Course Objectives

Participants on this course will:

  1. Exhibit a critical and reflective understanding of the role that curriculum has as a framework for learners achieving high standards of learning
  2. Have an analytical understanding of the ways in which curriculum shapes the teachers’ expectations of teaching and the learners’ experience of learning
  3. Critique the role of curriculum in shaping the content and intent of education in schools.
  4. Have a working knowledge of the Pakistan Single National Curriculum
  5. Create cohesive and logical links between curriculum expectations and learning as student-specific and teaching as student-centred
  6. Know how teachers can optimise outcomes for learning
  7. Formulate frameworks in curriculums and syllabuses for quality assessment of curriculum outcomes