About Projects and Consultancy

The aim of Projects and Consultancy is to help schools improve their quality of education. We accomplish this by identifying the areas of improvement in the schools through our preliminary research and develop projects around those areas to help elevate the quality of education of the identified schools. We implement these projects with help from our donors and ensure complete transparency. Our objective is to gather resources and use them for the collective good of the society and its children.


Creative Learning Project

Through Creative Learning Project children are empowered to see themselves as 'readers and writers' when their stories are published into books and distributed into schools and libraries in their districts. This project gives a voice to young people, and with stories focused on inculcating respect for human rights and values, tolerance, citizenship and social equity, they develop the comprehension skills and capability for critical thinking for an active life.


Hepatitis Awareness programme

AIE in collaboration with Ferozsons conducted Hepatitis Awareness programme in 44 low-income private schools of Lahore, Hafizabad and Bhakkar. We targeted students from classes 3 to 7 and conducted story-telling and board game session with them. For these sessions, a story and board game were developed to help engage the students and get the message across to them.

The story titled “Muchandar ki Nirali Muchien” helped spread the message in a very effective way.


Share a Book Project

The aim of the project was to encourage the culture of reading in low-income private schools by setting up libraries in them. We provided schools with books and training on how to manage a library. Follow-up visits were also conducted to ensure schools were properly using the libraries.


The projects have been implemented in

1. Kasur

2. Lahore

3. Bhakkar

4. D.I.Khan

5. Hafizabad

6. Muzaffargarh



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