25 years of excellence services in education ,


The Ali Institute of Education is a teacher-education institute committed to improving education in Pakistan and promoting professionalism among teachers. 

We provide quality pre-service and in-service teacher education and offer advisory services for school management, school development and curriculum practices. The Institute is also committed to dissemination of information and advocacy of appropriate policies and practices in education through indigenous research and publications.

AIE seeks to especially address the educational needs of rural and female teachers and to promote education to under-privileged and marginalised sections of society.


“To be a centre of excellence in education that transforms teachers into agents of change.”


  • Creativity and innovation in teaching.
  • Proactive initiatives which stimulate change.
  • Critical reflection on what we do.
  • Original research and critical thinking that improves the understanding of teacher education.
  • Overcoming challenges and providing solutions.
  • Cross-cultural linkages.
  • Cooperation and collaboration for sustaining a positive work environment.
  • Lifelong learning.