Play Chess and Get SMART

aiePlay Chess and Get SMART 

Chess is one of the oldest and most respected two person board games. It is pure strategy, relying solely on the player's wits and ability to counter the opponent's moves to achieve victory. Experts study throughout their lives to master its intricacies. Chess has been compared to everything from classical warfare to an ever-changing form of art. Like all great games, its concepts are simple, yet can expand into an infinite number of possibilities.

Unfortunately there is not much opportunity for school children to play chess. Playing chess develops intellect within an exciting competitive environment, providing tremendous opportunity to players to develop higher-order thinking skills.


As a leader in innovation, Ali Institute of Education proudly announces the 1st inter-school chess tournament. Our aim is to promote the benefits of chess as a means to improve academic results through an annual prize winning chess tournament for school children. 


The benefits of playing chess include:

1.It can raise your IQ

2.It exercises both sides of the brain

3.It increases your creativity

4.It improves your memory

5.It increases problem-solving skills

6.It improves reading skills

7.It improves concentration

8.It teaches planning and foresight