3rd ELT Conference 2017

3rd ELT Conference  2017




Y2C: Young-Master Chess Championship 2016

Y2C: Young-Master Chess Championship 2016



Reminders for participating schools:

• All semi-finalists will wear Y2C shirt as top layer. 

• Late arrival will lead to disqualification. We request that you ensure that all semi-finalists arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to schedule.

• All games will be conducted under the supervision of judges. Each player or teacher/guardian will be bound to respect the verdict passed by the honorable judges. In case of a draw or late finish, the winner will be determined by points based upon pieces left on the board. 

The point system is as follows: pawn=1, bishop=knight=3, rook=5, and queen=9.

• Against each semi-finalist 10 guests (adult or children) are allowed, however Interference from audience will result as disqualification. It is request to all principals/coordinators to send us a list of guests beforehand (till 17th November) so that we can allocate space for watching the competition. 



Semi-Finals: 18th November, 2016





Ali Institute of Education is organizing Young-Master Chess Championship 2016: Season II (an annual chess competition) for students of age up to 17 years. Competition will commence in the month of November 2016. Last date for registration is 27th October 2016. We are expanding this competition by introducing another event.

Y2C Concept

Ali institute of education always sets trends by integrating co-curricular activities. Developing chess culture in schools provides intellectual competitive environment to its players. It provides tremendous higher order thinking opportunity to players. It is pure strategy, relying solely on the player's wits and ability to counter his opponent's moves to achieve victory. Its concepts are simple, yet can expand into an infinite number of possibilities. School children were provided opportunities to demonstrate their intellect and stimulate interest and talent.   

Y2C 2015 Success and achievement

Ali Institute of education held the first ever, free of cost, annual inter-school chess competition called Y2C, Young-master Chess Competition in 2015. Y2C was designed for the children divided into six categories. Invitation for competition was sent to various parts of Punjab. Registrations were received from various parts of Punjab. More than 100 players registered themselves for the competition. Altogether 100 games were played, under supervision of judges, to declare 6 champions.  All finals were played with human size chess pieces. 

Y2C 2016 Schedule 

Deadline for registration            Preliminary Quarter Finals            Semi Final             Finals 

Duel Game 27th October 4th November 11th November 18th November 25th November

Team Game 27th October 4th November 11th November 18th November 25th November


Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

The detailed schedule of the competition will be shared on 31st of October. 

Late arrival will not be entertained. Your cooperation is required to make this event successful. 


Important Information

a. Registration for Y2C is totally free of cost. 

b. Each winner and runner-up team in the finals will get cash prize along with a trophy.

c. For registration, each player needs to provide an evidence for age.

d. All games will be played under the supervision of judges. All of the players must respect the verdict passed by the judges.

e. Important dates

Registration date: till 27th October 2016. Finals: 25th November 2016

f. How to register: Fill the registration form duly signed by school principal, provide evidence of age and send to us through post or email at your earliest. Remember, seats are limited. 

g. During all rounds, each game will be observed by judges. Each player will be bound to respect the verdict passed by the honorable judges.

h. Each school needs to send a list of guests along with the detail required in the ‘guest list sheet’ one week prior to the round in question. On the day of visit, each guest must bring original CNIC and show to security at the time of entrance. Seats will be available on the basis of ‘first come first serve’. 


Persons to contact

For more information about the “Y2C” please visit Ali Institute of Education website or contact:

Asif Imran

Phone no. (042)35882913 ext. 117-119

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Maria Jamil

Phone no. (042)35882974

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Ali Institute of Education, 

(Ferozepur Road), 

Phone Number: (042) 35882913, 35885065, 5837080


WEB: www.aie.edu.pk



Ali Institute of Education’s 1st Outreach Conference

Ali Institute of Education’s 1st Outreach Conference


After successful conferences in 2015 and the mega-scale ELT conference 2016, AIE presents our 1st Outreach Conference 2016, providing a platform for teachers, administrators and educators to share ideas, experiences and best practices in diverse aspects of teaching. 

This year's theme, “Empowering Teachers”, aims to  bring interest, curiosity, adventure, build relationships and do much more than impart knowledge. 

The 2016 “Empowering Teachers” conference offers an opportunity for facilitating teachers to continually work on their craft, to strengthen and celebrate their love to learn. Presenting creative practices for specific educators in the classroom, we intend to expand mindfulness and support improved teaching and learning. 

The conference will be divided into a series workshops exposing participants to various teaching methods, tips, interactive dialogues and exchange of ideas within a teaching environment.

 This will also be an excellent opportunity to network and share thoughts with other teachers and trainers.


1st all-female sports tournament 2016

After a successful AIE Girls Sports Gala in April 2016, Ali Institute of Education (AIE) now announces the 1st all-female sports tournament to provide a platform for women to lead in sports.

Get your game on with AIE's 1st Annual All-Female Sports Tournament scheduled to be held from 24th October to 7th December, 2016 and organised to promote gender equality in all things sporty.

Bringing you a lineup of the most competitive sports and games, we are proud to take a leading role in bettering the image of sports in Pakistan by encouraging women to take a lead in the sports' arena.

From basketball to badminton, hockey to football and table tennis to cricket, AIE’s first ever All-Female sports tournament is an event not to be missed. We are extremely proud to be playing host to some of the most venerated names in the female sporting circuit who will be joining us as our guests of honour: members of the Pakistan female cricket team, who recently did us proud by beating their Indian counterparts in the women's T20, and members of our national female hockey, football, badminton and basketball teams.

Celebrating the achievements of our women as sporting champions, we look forward to maximum participation of girls' teams from schools all over Lahore. There will be a whole host of short knockout matches in

Cricket, Football, Hockey, Table tennis, Badminton, and Basketball

The winning teams will be recognised and hailed as doing something worthwhile for women in Pakistan, with attractive prizes in the mix as well.

Register at the Ali Institute of Education (AIE) and help us create a free, more resolute tomorrow for our female champions.


For registration: 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Call:  04235882913 (ext: 118,119)

Y2C Newsletter

Y2C: Young-Master Chess Competition