QEC Proforma 7: Faculty Resume

Proforma 7: Faculty Resume


Faculty Resume





May include address(s) and phone number(s) and other personal information that the candidate feels is pertinent.


List current appointment first, each entry as follows: Date, Title, and Institution.

Honors and Awards

List honors or awards for scholarship or professional activity


List memberships in professional and learned societies, indicating offices held, committees, or other specific assignments.

Graduate Students


Undergraduate Students

Honor Students

List supervision of graduate students, postdocs and undergraduate honors theses showing:

Years                 Degree                 Name


Show other information as appropriate and list membership on graduate degree committees.

Service Activity

List University and public service activities.

Brief Statement of Research Interest

May be as brief as a sentence or contain additional details up to one page in length.


List publications in standard bibliographic format with earliest date first.

  • Manuscripts accepted for publication should be included under appropriate category as “in press;”
  • Segment the list under the following standard headings:

           .    Articles published by refereed journals.

           .    Books

           .    Scholarly and / or creative activity published through a                                                        refereed electronic venue.

           .    Contribution to edited volumes.

           .    Papers published in refereed conference     proceedings.

           .    Papers or extended abstracts published in conference   proceedings. (refereed on the basis of abstract)

           .    Articles published in popular press.

           .    Articles appearing in in-house organs.

           .    Research reports submitted to sponsors.

           .    Articles published in non – refereed journals.

           .    Manuscripts submitted for publication. (include where and when submitted)

Research Grants and Contracts

Entries should include:

Date       Title        Agency / Organization        Total Award Amount


Segment the list under following headings:

  • Completed
  • Funded and in progress
  • In review



Other Research or Creative Accomplishments

List patents, software, new products developed, etc.

Selected Professional