QEC Activities


  • Seminar on “Value of Effective Monitoring & Evaluation” attended by AIE students
  • Seminar on “Promoting & Maintaining Quality through Evaluation” attended by AIE Faculty member
  • QEC Ranking Review Meeting with External Consultant.

QEC Vision


To enhance and maintain quality teaching standards by fostering professionalism where every teacher is inspired to be the best.

QEC Scope


Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) of AIE is committed to enhance the quality of teacher education in the fulfillment of requirement and satisfaction of its students, their potential employers and stakeholders. The QEC shall thus ensure continuous sustainable quality of Teacher Training and education in AIE.

QEC Mission


To ensure quality teacher education through continuous improvement of supportive and conducive teaching environment while incorporating the student, needs by:

  • Creating values and making a difference by implementing and incorporating best practices.
  • Monitoring, assessment and evaluation of all stakeholders for impartiality and standardization.


QEC Programme Team

QEC Programme Team 

The following are the members of the PT:

  • Mehr Agha (Registrar)
  • Steve Ryan (Dean/Rector)
  • Aqsa Kamran
  • Uzma Iram