Let’s Make Science More Meaningful

26 January 2016 In Blog Science
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Unfortunately, teaching science has become text-book based. Project Based Learning (PBL) and Inquiry based learning (IBL) are approaches to science teaching focusing on understanding the world by questioning, investigating, observing and explaining the order of the world around us. Some teachers may find it challenging to identify a project, but one cannot deny the learning that students experience through projects. Through engaging in projects, students can begin to understand the nature of science. 

A few months back I gave a project to my students. I made a dengue monitoring team. The team monitored the pond waters of the Institute and observed if there was any evidence of Dengue mosquito larvae. 

Students took water samples from the ponds. The samples were analysed, first with a magnifying glass (in the field) and then with a compound microscope in the science laboratory. The project concluded that the collected water samples did not have any evidence of Dengue Larvae. The students learnt different skills such as observation, data collection, prediction, and inferring etc. They also learnt to make microscopic slides. They also learnt to use different instrumentation such as microscope and pH meter. They extended the project by monitoring the pH value of the water and also collected data on different types of flora and fauna in and around the pond. 

Let’s bring theory to practice and make science more meaningful for our students.


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