Science Kits –An Innovative Solution for Primary and Middle Grade Science Teachers

07 May 2015 In Blog Science
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Science Kits –An Innovative Solution for  Primary and Middle Grade Science Teachers 

In our country, science laboratories are only available to High School students - there are biology, physics and chemistry laboratories in every school to fulfill the practical components of these subjects. Unfortunately, we do not have Primary School or a Middle School science laboratories. This means that primary and middle school teachers are not equipped with the necessary materials and resources for practical science teaching. The importance of learning about science in these grades cannot be overlooked. The lack of exciting, positive learning experiences in primary and middle school science leads to poor performance in later learning.

A few days back, I shared the idea of science kits with my student teachers. A science kit is a portable box having resources for performing different experiments. We discussed in detail about the importance of science kits, different types of kits, and what might be the characteristics of a good science kit. Fortunately, I had a few kits to share with my students. They liked the idea and we decided to develop some science kits for the primary, middle and secondary levels. 

After a month, I was surprised to see 15 kits covering the major concepts of physics and chemistry at the Primary and Middle Grades. The kits were supported with an instructional guide for the teacher mentioning the details of the experiments for which the kit was developed. I was surprised to see the creativity of the young trainee-teachers in developing the improvised apparatus (mostly constructed from home-made materials). They enjoyed the activity and decided to develop and use such kits in their future teaching. 

No doubt, such Science Kits can serve as an innovative solution to the practical needs of teaching science. 


 Aqsa Kamran

Asst.  Professor, AIE

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