Enjoy the Joy on your Students’ Faces

16 April 2015 In Blog Science
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Enjoy the Joy on your Students’ Faces

Science is a practical subject and so it should be taught through lots of experiments and activities.  Last week I was teaching states of matter to my students. The class was due to start at 10:30 am. I went to the Science Laboratory an hour before to arrange the material for the activities and experiments. I arranged material for the 5 experiments on the laboratory tables. These experiments were related to the following concepts: liquids have no shape and they take the shape of their container; liquids have a specific volume; air has weight; air occupies space; air does not have a specific volume; particles exist and are in continuous motion. 

The students started to arrive at 10:30am. I was very excited because it was my first class with them. After the usual introductions with new students, I asked them to perform the activities, helping them out wherever I could see them struggling. They were working in groups. Each group shared the results of their experiments. At the end of each round, as I explained the underlying concepts behind the experiments, I could see the students were so happy! They had become very animated in class – enthused by what they had learned. At that time I felt like the conqueror- the most successful teacher in the world! At the end of 3 hours I felt completely energised! I enjoyed the joy on my students’ faces. Do you also feel the same at the end of your class? 

Aqsa Kamran

Asst Professor

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