Let’s Start Reflecting

04 March 2015 In Blog Science
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Let’s Start Reflecting

“Today the class went very well. Students enjoyed the pictures on the power point slides that made the topic interesting for them. Everybody participated very well but Sarah did not participate as usual. Although I asked some very easy questions from her, she was not able to respond. I wanted to talk to her after the class but Group-1 students surrounded me with their queries regarding their project work. I will talk to her personally tomorrow and try to find out what is disturbing her. I really want to help her. I still remember her happy, smiling face a few months back when our class went on a field trip, to a paper making company. There must be some problem with her - maybe at home. I will find out tomorrow…”

Abstract taken from the reflective diary of a science teacher. 

Spending five to ten minutes daily on reflecting what went well and what was wrong and how I can improve further is very important. We all should reflect on our everyday life situations and, as teachers, on our teaching practice. These reflections not only inform us about classroom issues but also guide us as what to do next. At the Ali Institute of Education we claim that we transform people into Reflective Practioners.



By Aqsa Kamran

Asst. professor

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