Words Matter A lot

18 February 2015 In Blog Science
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Bisma is a 7- year old Grade-1 student. She was weeping badly when she returned home. Her mother asked the reason for being so upset. She told that her teacher said, “You cannot do any thing, your handwriting and spelling will never improve. You should have not been promoted to Grade-1.”  These words upset the mother as well. She comforted her daughter by saying, “Don’t worry Bisma, we will chalk-out a plan and will work on it.  Nothing is impossible in this world, I am with you and with a little effort you can make a big difference.”  Bisma regained some

strength and seemed comfortable.

As teachers we are with our students for 6-7 hours daily. Our attitudes and words have an impact on them.  Sometimes students trust their teachers more than their parents. 

We have to be very careful about what we say. Our words are spoken or written. In teaching we call it FEEDBACK. As part of teacher education we are asked to give feedback to our students but what are the qualities of good feedback? For me, feedback highlights students’ achievements openly and points out their weaknesses coated with suggestions to improve – this is known as ‘sandwich’ feedback. We should give feedback to students in a way that helps them to improve rather than discourage and de-motivate them because I strongly believe that teachers’ words matter a lot!

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