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04 February 2015 By In Blog CPDC
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Some very exciting, fresh and innovative things are happening in the Ali Institute of Education (AIE), aimed at revitalising what had unfortunately become the white noise of higher education development, pervasively throughout the entire bedrock of what should have been quality learning in the country. Recognising that to defeat ignorance, one needs to progress towards new methodologies and deviate from the norm, AIE is developing new courses and workshops to put that spring into your best foot forward into the wide world of education leadership and owning your place in it.

From improving the self and fine tuning your confidence in all walks of the vocational sphere to polishing teaching skills and improving all dimensions of your instructional capability, AIE has tailor-made the right kind of courses for a wide audience, a more diverse group of learning. 

Not only is this a new year, it is also the start of a new phase in the growth and maturity of the Institute. Visit the Continuous Professional Development Centre (CPDC) for more information and the fulfillment of the promise of a new and more advanced you!


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Reem Wasay

Head of CPDC