How did I Lose My First Ten Chess Games?

09 March 2015 By In Blog Mathematics
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How did I Lose My First Ten Chess Games?

There are any number of activities we can do in our free time. Different activities require different skills. Personally, I value those activities which require knowledge, abilities and skills…and chess is at the top. My personal experience of losing my first ten chess games will help you understand the complexity of this game:

I lost my first game because I could not distinguish between the shapes of the different pieces. At that time, I suppose I used my visual-spatial intelligence poorly. I lost my second game because I could not understand the rules of the game. The third I lost because I lost concentration. The fourth - I was just looking at my own pieces and I neglected to watch the pieces of my opponent, and I lost my fifth match because I paid more attention to my opponent’s pieces rather than my own. The sixth was lost due to lack of planning. I lost my seventh game because I was playing aggressively and the eighth because I was playing defensively. The ninth game was lost because I was not thinking what my opponent was thinking, and the tenth was lost because my opponent guessed what I was thinking. 

Actually, the list does not end here. In every game I play now, I try to improve – to build on my deficiencies. Every game makes me learn. With every game you grow more composed, focused and logical. 

Is there any game in the world which requires various intelligences, skills and abilities in the same way? Even if you feel you don’t have time or you are burdened with lots of work, if you are tense, one game of chess will be time well spent.

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