Finding the Right Balance

20 February 2015 By In Blog Mathematics
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Finding the Right Balance

I am standing at the front of the classroom, beside the whiteboard, carrying a few equations in my arms, standing still like a witch has cast a spell on me. I feel like my feet are stuck in concrete and my joints and muscles are frozen. I am looking at twenty five faces. My eyes making contact with fifty eyes, all conveying different messages. Their features, their expressions and their body language are conveying different messages. The words that describe the feelings here are: accepting, accomplishing, aggravating, amusing, angry, annoying, anxious, awaking, blank, bored, calm, cheerful, cold, complacent, confused, cranky, curious, depressed, determined, disappointed, drained, ecstatic, energetic, excited, exhausted, happy, impressed, irritated, lethargic, naughty, pessimistic, pleased, shocked, sleepy, stressed, tired and many more. My God, twenty five in the audience and more than twenty five feelings. More than that, my lesson plan is telling me to go on – I can’t repeat the session as it will affect the whole course, and I can’t offer off-course time as I have lots of tasks to complete. I can’t refer to any other teacher as no-one is there. 

Suddenly I get some flashbacks, a chat between me and a student teacher: 

“Sir, what should I do for my students? I have a diverse group of students. Sometimes I run out of ideas, my plans get fouled up and I face difficulty making myself understood?” 

In response I lecture her about the area under the normal curve and distribution of various types of students in a natural setting. The last thing I said to her, proudly and confidently, was “DEAR, FIND THE RIGHT BALANCE”. 

I am hearing the echo ‘FIND THE RIGHT BALANCE’ and realising perhaps this is the easiest proverb to say but certainly the most difficult action to do. 


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