Using AV Aids in Teachers Training

26 August 2016 By In Language Blog
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In all the trainings I gave at different government and private schools and in Kasur, Gujrat, Hafizabad  and Khanewal, as well as Bulleh Shah Mills or BRAC Karachi, I used AV Aids to enable my training sessions to be more innovative and communicative. 

I have always enjoyed using AV Aids; they support my use use of songs, poetry and other literature and provide great opportunities for listening and speaking activities. Puzzles, flip charts, flash cards, pictures, building blocks  and charts have been extremely useful for developing curiosity, engagement and creativity as well as supporting my classroom management.



Whether they are government or private school teachers, they all love videos, music, toys and games, along with realia, for any task. The age group of the students does not matter. 

I have had wonderful experiences with new government and private school teachers as well as very experienced teachers from  prestigious institutes like Aitchison College, LGS, OPF, Jinnah Public School, DPS, Murtaza Academy, Cadet College Hassan Abdal and Lawrence College.  The teachers loved to be taught through realia and toys. The forty hours’ training of LGS that I was asked to conduct was the time I realized, to my pleasure, after two or three toys-based sessions on listening and speaking, that teachers were highly motivated. Most of them were very mature and had more than fifteen years of teaching experience, but they loved the use of toys and realia as strategies for developing language skills. 


The training at Trust Schools and F.C. College was a similar experience, where teachers remained connected and attentive throughout the workshop because of the use of A.V. Aids. 






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