22 September 2015 By In Language Blog
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Teaching students about Urdu Language Teaching (ULT) was as interesting as teaching them about English Language Teaching. I had imagined that it would be easier teaching a native language as students already have a foundation in it because it is their mother tongue (usually). Moreover, I felt that it would be much easier teaching adults because they already have a proficiency in the language, but when it came to teaching student Early Years practitioners for two days, there were some strange and funny situations. Many students did not know that genres are asnaaf’e adab and that the new terms according to them such as mersiya, nezm’e moera, qata, rubayi,, munqebet were just the types/names of many poems of Urdu that they had been reading since childhood ? The most interesting experience was teaching Urdu phonics; the word phonics appeared strange to them, complicated yet attractive, that was fearful in the beginning when I told them that they will study phonics with me the next day ? When I did Urdu phonemes with them, using some videos, they were pleased to know that they had been doing these sounds since their childhood, but not with the categorisation and sequence of phonics ? Moreover, the students were observed to be excited and playful like kids in the class when they did Urdu children’s songs - with activities - and they were naughty as well. Urdu riddles and puzzles made them even naughtier. Some also had difficulties in comprehending Urdu literature, some had in lesson planning… both problems seemed to be the same as we have in E.L.T. The best part of the lesson was when the Montessori student teachers were  silent while listening to, and watching, the Urdu stories and they all wanted to be the main character of those stories with more creative or funnier ideas ? All students, no matter what their age, do belong to the same age group more or less, especially when they are learning, and here is where the excitement of teaching and learning comes !

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