Students’ Presentations

28 May 2015 By In Language Blog
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Students’ Presentations 

I believe presentations play a very important role for developing students’ communication skills. 

In my opinion, presentations are an extraordinary approach to have learners achieve the linguistic competence (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, syntax) and sociolinguistic competence (when, where and how to use the target language) needed for effective communication. 

Students’ presentations are helpful for them in the following ways: 

• Presentations help the learners to communicate better in every field of life. I also observed that the students who are good ‘presenters’, are better communicators as well. They are capable of structuring and expressing their thoughts clearly.   

• Presentations offer a channel for students to impart to others what they have comprehended. It is additionally an opportunity to test and develop their own understanding. 

• Presentations provide learners with an opportunity to be independent.

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