Video Recording as a Self-Assessment Tool

16 March 2015 By In Language Blog
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Video Recording as a Self-Assessment Tool

I have often observed that the term ‘Assessment’ generates fear or anxiety among learners. In order to reduce that fear factor, I use self assessment tools in my teaching sessions.

Self assessment facilitates students to reflect on their learning. It does not require them to grade their performances rather it enables them to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Among the many other self assessment tools, I consider video recording as the most valuable tool for self assessment. 

 After recording students’ microteaches and presentations, I encourage them to follow these steps: 



I use the following questions to help the learners to take notes while observing their performance:

i. Were your instructions clear and simple?

ii. Did you rephrase your instructions if students were at a loss?

iii. Did you encourage the students to participate/ answer?

iv. Did you try to involve the whole class?

v. What modes of interaction were used?

vi. Can you specify the proportion of teacher talk vs. student talk?

vii. How effective was the use of technology or A/V aids in your lesson?

viii. Did you notice any errors in your speech?

ix. Did you implement the objectives you had planned?

x. What questions would you like to add to this list?


Samia Chattha

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