Teaching Poems

16 February 2015 By In Language Blog
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Teaching Poems

The selection of the right poem matters when you’re teaching poetry; even more so when you are teaching poetry communicatively. You need to stimulate students’ interest and support their proficiency level with the language. 

Here are a few things I do after I’ve a selected an interesting poem: 

i. Show some pictures (taken from newspapers, magazines or the internet) which can diagrammatically represent the poem. Ask students to guess what the poem is about, by looking at the pictures.

ii. After introducing the selected poem, encourage students to discuss the main theme. For this, I always provide relevant vocabulary, sentence starters or clues.

iii. Let them read the poem in chunks and then talk about what they have read, first in small groups and then in whole-class discussion.

iv. At the end I always let the students share how the particular poem made them feel. We do this in small groups or in whole class discussion.

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