What did you do at the weekend?

03 March 2015 By In Language Blog
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What did you do at the weekend?

Technology presents us with amazing opportunities to re-design the way we teach and learn English. Mobile devices allow me and my learners to interact seamlessly with each other in formal and informal learning contexts.  I also have learners from rural areas and they are not as much proficient in English language but somehow they are aware of the usage of mobile technology.

 I encourage the students to create a personal visual story about their daily routine. They take a series of snapshots of different moments in their day- e.g., their alarm clock, a toothbrush, a cup of coffee, their walk to the shop….

They describe the actions to me, e.g., I take a shower and get dressed….. Most of the time, it also highlights different aspects of language that require input from my side. 

For the next step, I ask them to record themselves speaking English and share it with friends, who can offer feedback. This is a great opportunity to practice pronunciation as well. 

Using mobile technology in the classroom has turned the question, “what did you do last weekend?” into a personal story, as students share with other fellows what they did, where they went and how they felt. 

Ms. Sumaira Latif 

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