Language Improvement Programme Short - Courses & Workshops(ELDC)

English Language Fluency

The Language Education Department aims to facilitate both pre-service and in-service teachers not only to teach language effectively but also to enhance their own language skills.

The Language Education Department offers Language Improvement Programme (LIP) and Functional English in order to provide students with an opportunity to practice how language functions in a society; communities, everyday life, the workplace and educational settings etc. In addition, English Language Teaching (ELT) and Urdu Language Teaching (ULT) are offered to equip the pre-service teachers with knowledge of modern methods and strategies for English and Urdu Language Teaching and to help them develop practical teaching skills based on the pedagogical content knowledge.

As far as the professional development of in-service teachers is concerned, the Department offers different workshops and Post graduate certificate courses in ELT and in Language improvement through the Continuous Professional Development Center (CPDC). In future the department aspires to offer Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching through CPDC in order to make in-service teachers aware of the ways to learn and teach English as a second language along with the development of strategies to teach English effectively.

Teaching Methods:

The Language Education Department practices the use of ‘communicative approach,’ the natural approach’ and ‘cooperative language learning’ in teaching and learning of a language. These approaches cover a variety of teaching strategies which are bound together by placing emphasis on developing linguistic and sociolinguistic competencies among trainee teachers. The techniques and strategies we use are in accordance with local and contextual factors which help to maximize learning opportunities and to promote learner autonomy in our classrooms.

Mode of Assessment: 

  • The trainee teachers are evaluated through Assignments, Projects, Presentation, Micro teaching and Tests.
  • Courses Offered by the Language Education Department
  • Course Titles Credits Term
  • Functional English 3 1
  • Language Improvement I 4.5 (Non Credit hours) 1
  • Teaching of English at Elementary Level 2 2
  • Teaching of English at Secondary Level 2 2
  • Language Improvement II 4 (Non Credit hours) 2
  • Teaching of Urdu at Elementary Level 2 3
  • Teaching of Urdu at Secondary Level 2 3
  • Language Improvement-Communication Skills 2 (Non Credit hours) 3