Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

Addressing the lifelong learning needs of professionals

Our Continuing Prfessional Development centre offers you world-class postgraduate education and continuing professional development through flexible, part-time courses and workshops to give you - and your employer - the competitive edge.

AIE’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Centre is a recognised leader throughout Pakistan, offering:

  • flexible, part-time programmes specially designed for busy professionals
  • access to AIE's excellence in teaching
  • essential skills needed by employers to develop their workforce
  • opportunities to enhance career paths and improve employability
  • an extensive range of qualification programmes, short courses, workshops and conferences
  • online and face-to-face learning
  • regular course updates for the latest knowledge, skills and techniques 
  • international appeal and valuable networking opportunities 
  • helpful staff and a user-friendly environment 
  • the perfect venue in cosmopolitan Lahore!

We work closely with departments across Ali Institute and other institutions. We can also meet specific training needs through our tailored in-house and outreach programmes

Montessori Short Courses & Workshops

Montessori  Short Courses & Workshops


Ali Institute started offering a Certificate Course in ‘Early Childhood Education’ in 2007. Over the last two years, AIE has been constantly revising and updating the Program contents. In the same vein, to further enhance the quality of this Program, the Professional Studies Department set up a Montessori Room in 2009, which is equipped with the latest resource materials. This resource room provides our trainee teachers an opportunity to familiarize and practice their teaching skills in an Early year classroom.


Kids University Short Courses & Workshops

Why Kids University (KU)

The KU at the Ali Institute of Education will foster the personal development of children through quality out-of-school-hours learning so as to contribute to their love of learning and enhance social mobility for all. 

Aim of the Kids University

The Kids' University aims to ensure that every child, irrespective of parental means, has access to quality out-of-school-hours learning activities. It supports young people to become confident, independent learners by encouraging engagement with learning. Our programme provides an environment for children to make the most of their abilities and interests. In KU we monitor and record learners' achievements.

One of the key components of the programme is to provide the children with a "university experience." The programme includes interactive sessions held at the Ali Institute of Education (AIE) campus and delivered by AIE faculty. In Kids' University our purpose is to focus on children's attention on a particular subject within the disciplines of Humanities, Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Natural Sciences and Formal Sciences. 

What we do for our Kids?

Creating a sense of responsibility

Stimulating Inquiry

Promoting Critical Thinking

Promoting Lifelong Learning

Developing good citizenship qualities

Who is this course for?

This course is for 7-13 age group children because this is a crucial stage for children in forming an attachment to personalised learning and aspiring to learn. The students will be divided into 2 groups depending on their age group; one group will be from 7-10 years and the other group will be 11 – 13 years of age.



8 months


Classes at Ali Institute of Education, 1 day a week (Saturday) (09:00 A.M -12:00 Noon)

Class Length

40-45 minutes with 15 minutes break between classes.

Parents are advised to provide children with snacks or money to buy snacks.


Continuous assessment through Portfolio

Features of Kids University

The Kids' University fosters the 'hard skills' of educational accomplishment through course design and teaching arrangements that allow children to participate and progress at an appropriate level irrespective of age in appropriate subjects. KU aims to contribute to raising standards in literacy and numeracy.

Developing the 'soft skills' of making choices, growing in confidence, self-belief, learning how to get the best from oneself and for others, taking charge of one's learning, and contributing to - as well as benefiting from - a learning community, and critical thinking and problem-solving are essential to children's levels of aspiration and engagement in learning. 

Participation in the expressive and creative arts makes a core contribution to children's personal and social development and this informs all KU provision. An important principle of the Children's University is that participation is voluntary. It is intentionally something other than school - with a different feel, different activities and different teachers. So the ultimate testament to the effectiveness of the Kids' University is that young people give up their time to attend and that they begin to realise that learning can be fun, exciting and a life-long pursuit.  

Award of Degree/Certificate

A "degree" will be awarded if a student earns 24 credits for the whole programme.

Certificate will be awarded if a student completes the credit hours for one specific course. 

Participation Certificate will be awarded if a student attends for one day or a specific session.


Rs. 500/- per session

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