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  • Library Collection

    Library Collection

    The library has acquired and developed a variety of resources to support the teaching and research programmes offered at Ali Institute of Education. The resources are well organised and easily accessible, arranged into various sections according to the specific nature of the material and the requirements of the users:

    General Collection

    This is the main collection, comprised of high quality selected essential texts with regular additions of new books. This collection is organised according to the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme and shelved subject-wise accessing to Classification No (000-999) pasted on the spine of each item.

    Reference Collection

    This Collection is housed near the circulation desk and consists of the latest dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, yearbooks, atlases etc. These books can be consulted in the library and cannot be checked out.

    Text Books Collection

    The text books, frequently used in classroom study and teaching practice, are grouped into a short term loan collection designated as the ‘text books collection’.

    Research Material Collection

    To accommodate the research needs of our users, the AIE library also collects research reports from prestigious national and international organisations. These publications are placed together in the research material collection.

    Government Documents

    The library continually acquires government documents relating to the study and research needs of our users. These documents throw light on the government of Pakistan's plans and policies for education and provide useful statistics/ data for researchers.

    Pamphlet Collection

    In the AIE library we maintain publications consisting of a few pages which are placed in pamphlet files. These are arranged subject-wise and are easily accessible.  

    Curriculum Resource Corner

    Materials which have direct application in the classroom are grouped in this section.

    Children’s Books

    Different types of children’s story books are placed in this section.

    South Asian Material

    Books about south Asian countries are placed separately in this section.

    Periodicals Collection

    The library subscribes to foreign and national journals, magazines and periodicals. The current issues of all these periodicals are displayed on the magazine rack. Back issues are also available.

    Library Timings

    The AIE library is a resource centre which the students must learn to use if they are to make the best of the programme, and ultimately their careers.  The library remains open from 8.00am to 6.00pm every working day and on Saturdays by request. It also has two seminar rooms for discussions and one large classroom for teaching practice or group work.