Need Based Training Short Courses & Workshops(C.P.D.C)

  • Need Based Training Short Courses & Workshops

    Need Based Training

    Need Based Short Courses and On-Site trainings Ali Institute of Education works to establish a strengthening relationship and long term collaboration and linkages with organisations to contribute for better quality education in Pakistan. AIE holds professional trainings every year for different organisations, institutions and schools. We provide outreach 'class' bringing the resources and expertise to  your place of work as well. In this mode of training, the facilitator himself/herself conducts the course/s at the premises of the interested organisations/schools. Every year, different schools and organisations from around the country turn to AIE to provide their staff with powerful and practical solutions to meet the learning and development needs of their workplace.We provide dynamic programmes/courses customised to meet the specific training needs in alignment with agrasstional   purpose, vision and core competencies.

    Advantages of Training

    • Choose from a variety of customised workshops designed to meet the needs of your teachers/employees.
    • A customised workshops/certificate courses to your premises with popular options available for teachers, principals, administrators and professionals.
    • Receive personalised interaction with expert instructors from AIE and practicing professionals who incorporate best practices and state-of-the art learning to address your specific organisational and professional needs.
    • Benefit from a powerful blend of interactive, proven adult learning methods and techniques including presentations, lectures, case studies, simulations all exclusively designed, focusing on your systems and goals.
    • Save precious staff time and training cost by training a group of your teachers/employees/professionals together, at the time and location convenient to you.


    • It is more economical and valuable for the organisations desiring to train more persons in the same course with less cost.
    • It allows the tutor to tailor the course as per needs of the organisation.
    • It can be conducted on the dates and times that suit the organisation.


    • Design and delivery of our courses through hands-on knowledge and experiential learning.
    • Participatory and interactive approach of teaching: lots of feed back and input from the participants.

    Our approach:

    We will work together with you to determine your specific needs and then designing a course or programme that addresses your specific needs. It will be done through two processes:-

    A) When we determine what suits you In this approach our facilitator/resource person can work with you in advance to determine the level of training, areas to be focused on and specific applications/problems they would like to cover and after assessing the needs and defining the training goal , we will recommend a training programme.

    B) When you determine what suits you In this approach, you determine the level of training, define the areas to be focused on and outline applications/problems you would like to address. Keeping in view all the given details we will design a training programme for your organisation/school.