Leadership & Management Short Courses & Workshops(C.P.D.C)

  • Leadership & Management Short Courses & Workshops

    Post Graduate Certificate in Education

    This course is an in-depth, contemporary and academically sound, yet practice-oriented, professional development that is stimulating, critically reflective and relevant.

    The course includes open learning as well as face-to-face facilitation with a strong focus on professional practice.

    The course is built on three main pillars:

    1. A work-based practical approach to facilitate integration of work-based learning and experience with theories of leadership and management.

    2. Reflective practice to facilitate self-assessment of practical leadership and management skills.

    3. A constructivist approach to knowledge and learning that emphasises integration of skills, attitudes, knowledge and experience, and collaboration within a community of learners.

    Course Structure

    Fundamentals of Educational Leadership and Management 20 credits = 24 hours of directed study + 6 hours of supported independent study
    Effective Leadership of Change 6 credits = 6 hours of directed study + 3 hours of supported independent study
    Organisation Theory in Education 6 credits = 6 hours of directed study + 3 hours of supported independent study
    Course Assessment: 8 credits = 12 hours







    What is 'Supported Independent Study'?

    At Ali Institute we believe in supporting all of our learners to develop skills as independent learners. Therefore, in all of our courses we include a number of hours of self-study commitment from our students. For this, we provide students with study materials (readings/ videos/ presentations) for reinforcement and reflection.

    Course Assessment

    The assessment for this course is practice-driven, with an emphasis on personal reflection in a real-work setting. Course participants are required to produce a portfolio of evidence into the leadership/ management role. This can be accredited through the UK for those wishing to attain a UK qualification.