The Ali Institute of Education (AIE) was established in 1992 by a distinguished family trust, with the primary objective of providing effective teachers to the schools of Pakistan. The UNDP and SIDA (Sweden) also supported this endeavour initially, to improve the quality of education in our country. At the Ali Institute of Education we believe that teachers are agents of change and they can bring about a meaningful transformation to the education scenario of Pakistan. To develop teachers into their purported role, the AIE offers pre-service and in-service programmes.

Chariman's Message

Syed Babar Ali, Chairman, Ali Institute of Education


Chairman's Message

The daughters of Syed Ahsan Ali (1880 – 1942), and the sons and daughters of Syed Maratib Ali (1883 – 1961), donated nine acres of land situated on Ferozepur Road, Lahore to the Industrial, Technical and Educational Institute (ITEI), a non-profit society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, to establish a vocational training school, which started working in 1972 under the name of Ali Industrial Technical Institute (AITI).

In 1992 the trustees of the ITEI decided to phase-out the technical school and replace it with a teacher training institution under the name of Ali Institute of Education (AIE).

As Chairman of its Management Committee, I pledge my continuing support to the educational programme of the AIE and wish its organisation the best of luck in its endeavors to perpetually improve the standard of education being imparted.

I am privileged to have been associated with the setting up of the original school, the AITI and its successor, the AIE.


The primary objective of both these institutes has been the dissemination of knowledge at a level where it matters the most for the uplift of our country. While setting up the AIE, I was informed by many educationists that the maximum damage to the learning process of our students takes place in primary education. It was, therefore, decided that we must address ourselves to the primary education of our country if we really want to bring about any positive changes in the current educational impasse. Hence, the declared mission of the Ali Institute of Education that specifies “a commitment to improving the quality of primary-school level education in Pakistan through raising the status of teaching to a profession."


Rector's Message

Ms. Mehr J. Agha – Rector

Ali Institute of Education, marks its 25th anniversary this year. It is an honor and a privilege for me to join AIE in this special year. Our vision resonates an aim to become a Centre of Excellence in education that transforms teachers into agents of change.

Over the last twenty-five years, Ali Institute of Education, has been quite successful in reaching out to cities and districts of Pakistan in its efforts to achieve this vision. However, realizing that it is an extremely challenging road and though we have achieved much, there is no doubt a lot more is to be done. This year marks the shift in AIE’s management, as its first female Rector joins the institute.

We are a teacher-education institute committed to improving education in Pakistan and to promote professionalism among teachers. As the Rector of this small, yet extremely vibrant educational institute, I hope to take the staff and the institute to new heights of development, capacity building, professionalism and integrity in the field of education. I have strong faith in the potential of the Pakistani youth, realizing that their talents are unlimited. Our educators all over the country need recognition, respect, encouragement and guidance to not only maximize their potential as teachers, but also to gain the professional respect that they deserve.

Ali Institute of Education will leave no stone unturned to build a better future for the institute, its staff, faculty and most importantly, its students, who will be the future teachers and leaders in our educational community. AIE looks forward to a new beginning this year, hopeful and excited to strengthen old relations, build new connections locally and globally and enter into new arenas of educational development.

If you are passionate, committed and dedicated to the cause of education/become agents of change in the field of Education, AIE is the place for you. We look forward to the students joining us this year, who will bring new talent, blood, excitement and vigor to a twenty-five- year-old institute of Pakistan.

Looking forward to the years ahead,

Ms. Mehr J. Agha – 


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