Professional Studies Education

Professional Studies

The professional studies section performs a vital role in the teacher education programmes offered at the Ali Institute of Education. We strive to attain and sustain excellence in professional practice through our uniquely designed programmes which enable our students to demonstrate professional practicality and critical reflection. We provide teacher training in the most relevant fashion by giving our trainees ample opportunities to be creative and innovative in order to pursue their career in the teaching profession not only as teachers who ‘teach’ but also as teachers who ‘learn’ and eventually take on their roles as agents of change. The core courses in the professional studies programme are:  

  • Teaching Practicum Seminar (Reflective Practice)
  • Teaching Practicum (Teaching Observation & Reflection Report)
  • Teaching Practice (Actual Teaching and Teaching Portfolio Development)
  • Foundations of Education
  • Pedagogy
  • Educational Psychology
  • Classroom Management
  • School Leadership & Management
  • Assessment in Education

Teacher Education for the 21st Century

The courses are tailored with a clear focus on developing the desired competencies of the 21st century in student teachers through an activity based educational experience.  


Creativity and Innovation 

 We aim to essentially develop the following five competencies in our trainees:


1.      Pedagogical Content

2.      Perspectives on Education, Learning and Research

3.      Teaching Skills

4.      Professional Values & Practice

5.      Application Skills


The values of professionalism, collaboration and reflective practice are the heart of these competencies of our exclusively planned teacher education programmes.




We offer a range of very uniquely designed B.Ed. Degree Programmes in the areas of:


Degree Programmes

Bachelors in Elementary Education, (B.Ed. Elementary) Morning & Evening

         Specializations offered in:

  • Teaching of Social Studies
  • Teaching of Islamiat
  • Teaching of Urdu at Elementary Level
  • Teaching of Science at Elementary Level (Advanced)
  • Teaching of Math at Elementary Level (Advanced)
  • Teaching of Art & Craft
  • Teaching of Theatre Skills


Bachelors in Secondary Education, (B.Ed. Secondary) Morning & Evening

         Specializations offered in:

  • Teaching of Biology
  • Teaching of Chemistry
  • Teaching of Physics
  • Teaching of Mathematics
  • Teaching of Computer
  • Environmental Management
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
  • Teaching Statistics
  • Teaching Commerce
  • Teaching Accountancy
  • Teaching Economics
  • Teaching of Pakistan Studies
  • Teaching of History
  • Teaching of Citizenship Education
  • Teaching of Theatre Skills
  • Teaching of Arts
  • Teaching of Sociology
  • Teaching of Geography
  • Teaching of Islamiat
  • Comparative Study of Religion and Culture
  • Teaching of Language through Literature (English)
  • Teaching Cambridge English (O Level)
  • Teaching of Language through Literature (Urdu)
  • Teaching Cambridge Urdu (O Level)

Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, (B.Ed. ECE)

Associate Degree in Education, (ADE)

Associate Degree in Education, (ADE) (For In-service teachers)

Bachelors in Elementary Education (Hons.)

Bachelors in Secondary Education (Hons.)



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