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Alumni Ali Institute of Education 


Dear Alumni, AIE invites you to join AIE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION as a president, vice president or a secretary. Avail this opportunity to become a better manager to organize alumni events and to contribute to the future of education.

Events and programs are developed and offered each year for alumni to come back to campus and surrounding areas to reconnect with alumni and friends. Being an active member helps support these and other opportunities for alumni to stay connected to campus, fellows and our faculty.

Being an active member shows a commitment to the organization and pride in supporting the programs that make AIE a strong and successful community working for quality Education.

You will be required to work voluntarily, at least 2 hours per month for one year, for the above mentioned post. After one year, a new committee will be elected.

Please send your CV with 150 to 180 words description of your proposed plan for AIE Alumni Association at 


Contribute articles to AIE professional Magazines. Avail the great opportunity to get connected to the world of Education. AIE provides you with a platform to share your teaching/learning experiences in the fields of; i) Teaching of English, ii) Teaching of Science and iii) teaching of Math.

You can share your teaching or training experiences, an interesting lesson or a project or a reflection on certain teaching techniques or methodology related to the above mentioned subjects.

(The following format should be added as an attachment)

Word limit

Depending upon the selected topic, the length of an article can vary from 500 to 1500 words. 


Composed in MS word: Font Arial, Size 12; Line spacing double

Headings bold, font size 14

Sub-headings bold font size 12


Top           1”

Bottom       1” 

Left            1.25”

Right          0.75”


Kindly submit one hard copy and one soft copy of your article along with your name and a high resolution JPEG photo (optional) of yourself. Send all soft copies of your articles at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Write 70 to 100 words to introduce yourself; including your teaching experience, professional interests and your email address.


If you quote references, give full information.

Only original and unique ideas will be entertained. 



Upcoming events at AIE



Our graduates are highly valued in the market and can get jobs in the best public and private sector schools and organisations. Have a look at some of our graduates who are are working in leading schools,colleges and NGOs in the country. Students names School/ College/Organisation
1 Tehreem Raja  LGS, Model Town
2 Momina Ali Salamat School System
3 Saima Munir  Yousaf Academy
4 Tooba Hussain Beacon House School System, Peco Road
5 Rumela Chohan Teach A Child School System
6 Aeman Shoaib Esena Foundation
7 Humaira Nosheen Ibne-Sina College Defence
8 Anza Aslam EPIC Model Town
9 Saira Maryam Allied School
10 Rehana Kousar KIPS , Lahore
11 Sabahat Azam Kids Campus
12 Atia Sultana Learning Alliance
13 Sarah Rafiq City School City School System
14 Shabnum Fareed Kashaf Foundation
15 Sadaf Alam  Garrison School.






Career Planning

Career Planning Ali Institute of Education aie

Job Placement

Job Placement Ali Institute of Education aie

Job Placement 

AIE has a job placement programme through which it helps graduates find suitable employment in various schools. Our graduates are highly valued in the market and can get jobs in the best public and private sector schools. 


Guidance & Counselling

Guidance & Counselling Ali Institute of Education aie

Guidance & Counselling 

The AIE has a very strong tutorial system. It provides trainee teachers with career guidance, and offers tutorial counselling to support the learning process.